Sport Pilot Certificate Package

Obtaining a Sport Pilot Certificate can be a very rewarding
adventure especially when your doing it in a “State of the Art”
Flight Design Light Sport Airplane.
Minimum Flight Training Requirements **
• 20 hours of flight time Which must include at least
• 15 hours of dual instruction
• 5 hours solo
• 2 hours cross country flight training
•10 takeoffs and landings
• 1 solo cross country flight of at least 75 nautical miles total
distance (with one leg of the cross country trip at least 25 miles
in length)
• 3 hours dual flight training in preparation for the practical test

** Understand these are the minimum times required. Plan for 25-35 hrs to
develop the necessary proficiency depending on individual aptitude. The goal is to
be a safe and proficient pilot, not just pass a test.
Eligibility Requirements
• Be at least 16 years old to become a student pilot
• Be at least 17 years old to test for a Sport Pilot certificate
• Be able to read, write, and understand English
• Hold a current airman’s medical certificate or a current and valid U.S.
Driver’s license, as evidence of medical eligibility (providing the FAA
didn’t deny, revoke, or suspend your last medical certificate
• Pass an FAA Sport Pilot knowledge test (written)
• Pass an FAA Sport Pilot Practical test (oral, flight)

Item Description
Cost per Hour
Total cost
Flight Design CT Rental
$105 (Block rate, 10 hours purchased at once)
Flight Instruction
Ground Instruction
Knowledge Test Fee
Examiner Fee
Training Material
+ tax
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