Daily and Weekend Packages

Flight Review and a day in Bisbee

If you only have one day available in your schedule for your flight review then this
package is for you.  Fly down in the morning, enjoy breakfast or lunch at one of our
great Bisbee restaurants, complete your flight review then head out in the late

Flight Review and a weekend in Bisbee

If you can stay for the weekend we will help you organize some Bisbee favorite
activities, a room, car, and dining reservations plus get you through your flight
review or other training needs at the same time.  Fly down Friday or Saturday,
spend the weekend head out Sunday.

Flight Review and golf in Bisbee

Combine a couple of your favorite hobbies in one weekend.  We can fit a flight
review around your tee time at Turquoise Valley Golf Course. Try your swing on
Arizona’s longest hole and only par 6, the 747 yard “Rattler”.  If you have any
strength left you can finish the day with Bisbee sights

Flight Review plus a few days

If you have a long weekend available for your flight review then come down and
spend a few days in the area.  Enjoy Bisbee’s sights, then spend a day in
Tombstone, Ft Huachuca, hike around the wonderland of rocks, or do some
shopping in Mexico.  Bisbee has a great climate to escape the heat of the lower
desert and just relax. Oh yeah, we can fit a flight review in between as well!

Flight Review plus Bisbee special events

We will keep up to date on local special events for your enjoyment.

Ready to go flying? Or have any questions? Feel free to contact us!